We have compiled the comments left in our Memory Book by our customers who prefer our fashion house for their engagement and wedding dresses.

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Tugba Cebe Altun

We chose Fatma Sevildi, whose quality we trust, for my engagement and wedding dresses. At first, I didn’t have a model in mind for the wedding dress. But we did the modeling work with Ms. Fatma in one evening. I entrusted myself to him for our happiest day and the result was amazing. Everyone loved my wedding dress! I would definitely recommend Fatma Hanım’s make-up artists for head and make-up. Incredible desserts and no brides waiting in line like at the hairdressers 🙂 Everything is special and for you… You start the day very comfortably. Let me tell you, I was very comfortable in my wedding dress. I wish we could wear our wedding dresses every day. Thousands of thanks for your effort…

Mucevher Yildirim Acar

There wasn’t a single bridal shop in my city that we didn’t visit for my hijab wedding dress. None of them pleased me and I went to Fatma Sevildi in Istanbul. Thanks to my dream wedding dress, which I have told other fashion houses many times but none of them liked it, Ms. Fatma put it on paper as soon as I said it and said, “This is it?” At that moment I realized that I would not regret it. I handed over my henna to him safely. He said that he came to Istanbul. Whether you have a model in mind or not, surrender yourself to Fatma Hanım’s skillful hands and close your eyes, when you open them you will see that your fairy tale has already begun.

Kubra Dogan

I wanted to have my engagement ring sewn by talented master hands. Finding an evening dress was a very difficult process for me and I could not find a model that I liked anywhere. There were always ready-made models, either exaggerated or very simple. One day, while searching the internet, I discovered Fatma Sevildi. After examining his models, I decided to make an appointment and visit him on site. He was very kind and experienced. He was sincerely helpful and interested. My choice was for him. My engagement ceremony was exactly as I dreamed. I received very nice comments from everyone. Thank you again and again 🙂

zlem Koca1

Fatma Sevildi, the mother of the laudable designs and the brides’ stressful day friend! Ms. Fatma set out with the slogan “Let Your Dreams Come True”… It was exactly the same for me. It was enough for me to tell him what I dreamed of. First of all, I would like to thank you for your sincerity, warmth, interest and smiling face until the last moment. I would like to thank you very much for doing your job properly, making me happy, and most importantly, for working late into the night and delivering my dress to me in a very short time. I can recommend it to everyone with peace of mind. Thank you for your efforts…

Bilge Yildirim

Ms. Fatma, first of all, I would like to express my satisfaction with your interest and sincerity. I have been following you and your Facebook page for a long time. I was dreaming of coming to your fashion house when I got married 🙂 I came directly to you in Istanbul for my engagement party. At first, I had a lot of hesitations about choosing my dress, but when I saw you and your designs, these hesitations disappeared. My engagement dress was exactly what I wanted. It was very liked… Thank you for your efforts. I made the right decision by choosing your fashion house. Thank you again for everything.

Halime Ceyhan

I went to Ms. Fatma, whose models I followed with admiration, close to my wedding. I’m glad I went, he was a friendly, warm-hearted and competent designer. He hosted me very nicely in his modest fashion house… I told him about the hijab wedding dress I had in mind, he did the same and I had my henna dress made by him. They fit me perfectly and I was very comfortable. They fit me so much that I still want to wear them 🙂 I thank her very much and recommend them to all girls who are getting married. If we want to be beautiful and stylish on our best day, it is great to leave ourselves in expert hands! It is fixed with experience.

Munevver Kubra Turkantoz

While I was coming to you, I was thinking about one of your products that you shared on your Facebook page. When I came to your fashion house, I noticed your professionalism in your work. After getting your opinion on the model, I surrendered myself to you with peace of mind. I was very pleased with your advice when I came to the rehearsals… The result was amazing. At my sister’s wedding, which was one of the most important days for me, I was the most stylish lady after the bride! My advice to everyone is Fatma Sevildi and her trustworthy expertise… Best regards

Arzu Kalyoncu

Ms. Fatma impressed me with her smiling face from the first moment we met. We thought together, went step by step, first determined the model, and chose our fabric with meticulous care. The fabric selection was very exciting and pleasant 🙂 Even though I had fears until the first rehearsal, he was always professional. Fatma Sevildi is a wonderful designer who can offer you what you dream of in a very short time, helps you sincerely in every aspect, puts your mind at ease and, most importantly, strives to do her job properly. Thanks for everything. Thank you for your hard work…

Kevser Bas Cim

It was a very right decision for me to choose Fatma Sevildi Fashion House for my wedding dress. On my happiest day, I became the most beautiful bride in the wedding dress you designed for me. It was great that you tried to fully understand me, whatever was in my mind, and reflected this in your work. You answered my calls patiently, you always reassured me… You made me feel at every rehearsal how much you cared about the fit of the wedding dress, and you had to make and break it. During all this, you were always patient and smiling. Thank you very much, I’m glad I chose you.

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First of all, Ms. Fatma is a designer who responds to people’s wishes, dreams and thoughts. For example, sewing quality and stitching are very important to me. Believe me, my dreams were rewarded with the fit being perfect for me. I carried my engagement dress beautifully, thanks to Ms. Fatma. He did whatever I felt most comfortable with, whether it was during rehearsals or my smallest requests. He does a quality job, I am satisfied and I recommend him to my friends who are getting married or engaged.

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I wonder what I experienced until I wore the wedding dress, I guess the things that happened during that period. But there was nothing as beautiful as the happiness on my face when I put on the wedding dress and everything came together as a whole. For me and when I look back now, I say I’m glad I chose you and I recommend you to everyone. I would like to thank you for your smiling face, sincerity, understanding  and trying to fulfill my requests in the best possible way. Thank you for your hard work, wish you all the best.


I can sincerely recommend Fatma Sevildi as a person who cares about every detail I have mentioned, from the design of my hijab wedding dress to the production stage, who does not say anything is okay just for the sake of it, and who truly demonstrates her design talent and technical knowledge, from fabric selection to her sensitivity in rehearsals. Thank you for the happiness you brought me with your design, which I carried with great pleasure on my most special day…

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Thank you very much for everything, Ms. Fatma, you really put a lot of effort into my wedding dress. You did your best to make sure the wedding dress was the best until you received it, and you were really helpful during the rehearsals. Thank you for all your hard work…

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I found you based on a recommendation. When my dress was prepared and every detail I explained was in front of my eyes, all my worries suddenly disappeared. You are a successful fashion designer. The one who can understand what is wanted and bring it out, even more than what is wanted… Not only I but everyone who saw it liked the detail on the waist of my skirt. Thanks again…

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I chose Fatma Sevildi for my wedding dress as well as my engagement dress. He is definitely a name that should be preferred with his interest and smiling face. Thanks to you, I wore pieces that I felt comfortable in both my engagement and wedding. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you very much.

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I give it 5 stars for the price. If you order your evening dress along with your hijab wedding dress, you will receive a 20% discount on your evening dress. Ms. Fatma is someone who knows her job well, there is no need for adventures elsewhere. We were very pleased… Thank you very much for everything.

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Thank you for your hard work. I received my evening dress today, you have designed a wonder without any rehearsal, just to measure. I can’t wait to wear it… Thank you again to everyone who contributed ♥


Without hesitation, I decided to have three designs (wedding, henna and wedding) sewn by Ms. Fatma. Ms. Fatma is friendly, cares about customer satisfaction, hospitable and most importantly, she does her job with high quality and strives for this. I was very pleased and recommend it to everyone.

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It is impossible not to speak highly of a very successful designer whom I have told countless people about. We were very impressed by the henna dress and wedding dress you made, thanks to all your hard work, and how flawless you were, even without rehearsal. Thank you again for being patient even though we changed our minds many times…

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You turned my favorite colors into a fairy tale in your skillful hands. It was a pleasure to be a princess worthy of this fairy tale… Thank you very much for designing my engagement dress exactly as I wanted, for never missing your smiling face, and for taking care of customer satisfaction. I recommend it to everyone who wants to feel like a princess, if you want to have the quality exactly as you want, you will not regret it.

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There is Fatma Sevildi’s signature on both my engagement dress and my wedding dress. You want it, you imagine it; Let him do it with care and with a smile. He did not miss the slightest point that I was not comfortable with, he patiently answered untimely phone calls, cleared the question marks, and made me feel a little upset 🙂 Thank you very much. Fatma Sevildi Fashion House is preferred due to its quality, dedication and prices.

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When I came to Istanbul, I had many models and details in mind. I couldn’t find what I wanted in stores. We also visited Ms. Fatma’s office. It didn’t take long for us to find the one that was close to the model I wanted, I explained it to her and she drew it and the result was literally the dress of my dreams. We liked the fabric and lace model together… In a short time, he created a wonderful design with his fast, practical and friendly face. Photos of my dress were taken by those who admired it 🙂 We had the best henna night. I will also have my wedding dress made by him.

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At a time when I did not like the products on the market and was looking for something different, I had the chance to meet Ms. Fatma Sevildi and I knew at first sight that she was the right fashion designer for me. I worked with him on my engagement party without hesitation. The result was perfect. When it came to my wedding dress, I didn’t need to do any research because the name I had in mind was clear. It was undoubtedly and extremely enjoyable for me to have my opinion taken at every stage of the making of my wedding dress and to come up with better ideas together. The result was a much more elegant wedding dress than the hijab wedding dresses on the market, which I and everyone else admired. I recommend it to everyone who is getting married or engaged…

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Ms. Fatma helped me a lot in every aspect regarding my hijab wedding dress. The dialogues took place in a sister-sister relationship, he was great in rehearsals, he never offended me, he always made me feel at ease… Since we were sensitive at that time, he understood us very well and his approach was the same. You can choose him with peace of mind, I am sure you will not regret it at all. He is definitely a very successful person. You can also safely hand over your bridal headdress and make-up to her! He is doing his best to pay… Everything was great, thank you very much. I wish you continued success.