How to Choose a Wedding Dress?

z2On your wedding day, you will want to look beautiful in your wedding dress as well as being comfortable. During your rehearsals with your tailor, you need to choose or have your wedding dress tailored, taking care to avoid any wrinkles, shrinkage or tightening. Think carefully before you go shopping, don’t just think about looking beautiful. Even for the necklace, bracelet and choker you want to buy, choose the one that suits your size.


All wedding dresses consist of 4 main silhouettes:

  1. Fluffy:  The most traditional of all the categories. It covers your body completely and consists of a long skirt. It is especially ideal for camouflaging wide hips and hips.
  2. Royal:  Distinctive feature; It descends from the chest area to the distinct waist line. This model with lots of t-shirts and accessories requires a body posture that will carry it. The width and comfort of the space is another important factor for comfortable use of the wedding dress.
  3. Princess:  This is the model that falls vertically from the shoulders and has a very wide skirt. (Model Types are “V” or “A” shaped.) A long tail is a complement to the model. Again, long veils are preferred in this model.
  4. Sheath:  This silhouette, in the form of a thin sheath, extends in a very thin line along the body. A slim body and tall length are the body structure in which the model looks most attractive. Wedding dresses in this category are very suitable for cocktail weddings as they can have the appearance of evening wear.

Recommendations for Rectangular, Pear, Triangle and Hourglass Shaped Bodies
  1. Rectangular Type Bodies
    In this body type, the waist part is not very obvious, and an almost straight line descends from the shoulders to the hips. It would be appropriate for women with rectangular bodies to choose a gathered wedding dress model that reveals their waist.
  2. Pear Shape Body:
    The hips of a woman with this type are wider than her shoulders. To minimize this difference, slightly padded wedding dress models may be suitable. In addition, models with thick fabric should be preferred. If the hips are wide and round; straight cut models should be avoided; because such models will reveal the width of the hips more. Our advice for a thick waisted body; It is a V type wedding dress model selection. Additionally, belted and wide wedding dress models are not suitable.
  3. Triangle-shaped bodies
    Women with a triangle-shaped body have wider shoulders than their hips. For this type of body, which is generally seen in athlete women, models with straight cut tops and long sleeves to cover the width of the shoulders are suitable.
  4. Hourglass Type Bodies
    It can be said that almost every model suits these bodies, which are generally seen as the ideal body type. However, models that reveal their waists can be recommended.

Other Recommendations
  • If you have a flat stomach and small breasts; You can choose a straight cut wedding dress.
  • A-type wedding dresses are suitable if you have a complaint about your belly.
  • If you believe in the beauty of your back; You can choose a wedding dress with an open back up to the waist.
  • If you are short; A wedding dress with a V-cut front will make you look taller.
  • If you are tall; Any model suits, without the skirt length being too short.
  • If you have a short neck; Our suggestion would be to tie your hair up.
  • If you have a long neck; On the contrary, you should leave your hair open.
  • If your arms are thick or very thin, you can choose a wedding dress with long or short sleeves.
  • Our bride, who thinks she has a classic physique, can choose a lace-based wedding dress.
  • Brides-to-be, who find themselves close to the latest trend in modern wedding dresses, can use otriss, feathers, butterflies, buckles of different designs and asymmetrical decorations as accessories to suit their own style.
  • It is also very important to determine the wedding dress style at the venue where the ceremony will be held.
  • Brides for poolside, countryside, or garden weddings may prefer lightweight, soft wedding dresses, flowing skirts with flowing flowers, and flounces.
  • Considering the lights and the dimness of the night, embroidered lace wedding dresses with more sparkling and more pronounced lines can be considered for ballroom hotel weddings.
  • Wedding dresses with simple lines are among the innocent lines of this year. The most important thing to consider here is that the bridal headdress and accessories are very stylish and complementary.
  • If you have chosen a very plain one-piece, lightly embroidered wedding dress, a stylish long veil and a head accessory with the same embroidery concept should be used together, and the innocence should be completed with a lively, naturally lively bridal hand bouquet.
  • Our most important advice to brides-to-be is; No matter which wedding dress model you choose, you should definitely love your wedding dress and say, “This is my wedding dress, this is my style.”