Advice for Brides

z1On that beautiful day, everything heralds a completely white page. In the end, the white wedding dress turns into different images. You’ve made a commitment, the engagement has been made, and now it’s time for you to decide on marriage and the date has been set. Don’t think it’s that easy, it’s time to choose your wedding dress, which is both difficult and exciting. There is a price difference in wedding dresses depending on the quality of the fabric, the fancy materials used and, of course, the skilled hands.

Bride candidates start designing their models in their minds months in advance. If you are thinking of having your wedding dress made, you should explain the model you created in your mind months ago to your bridal dress designer in full detail. The comfort of your wedding dress is as important as your model. You should be comfortable while dancing all night long, so that minor problems can be eliminated. Based on this, have the tail length, especially the front part, parallel to your feet.

Start having your wedding dress made two months before the wedding day. The earlier the start date of your wedding dress starts on the wedding day, the easier it will be to eliminate any problems that may arise.

When you go to rehearsals, you should have at least two or three people with you, friends or experienced people whose taste you believe in, who can examine carefully, as going with a large group of relatives will distract you, put forward different ideas, in short, every voice will cause mistakes in your wedding dress.

You should thoroughly consult your bridal dress maker or his assistant about your ideas and what kind of model you want, discuss the most suitable one among yourselves, and leave yourself in the skillful hands of your bridal dress maker. Remember, your bridal dress maker will guide you. What you need to pay attention to here is that your wedding dress is a whole with your body. It is not right to make a choice based only on fashion. It is most logical to make a choice by reconciling all of these criteria. Another thing you need to do while preparing the model is to choose models with few beads and embroidery for a simple wedding ceremony. If you are large, avoid puffy models. Choose two-piece, bustier, slightly puffy and simpler embroidered models.

Models are preferred as Strapped (low-cut) or Closed (hijab). Fabrics such as silk, silk taffeta, prada, French cord lace, slub, and ziberlin are used, and savoroski, pearls, crystal silver cut stones are used in the embroideries. Beads, embroidery and stones in wedding dresses never go out of fashion. Lace, one of the wedding dress ornaments, will be seen in abundance this summer and winter. The use of lace, especially on the upper parts of wedding dresses, shoulders and veils, is very fashionable this season.

There are two characteristics in terms of a person’s physical structure: thin bride and overweight bride. Other than these, there are no other characteristics that can be commented on and cannot be classified. The only difference between the two is that no fashion house recommends the fluffy model for an overweight bride, and the tight model for a thin bride. Our suggestion for brides-to-be who find their height short is to choose a model with a V-cut at the front. In this way, your body as well as your neck will look longer in general.

Any model looks great on tall people, as long as the skirt length is not too short .
Our suggestion for brides with short necks is to tie their hair up. On the contrary, those with long necks should wear their hair open. Brides-to-be who are confident in the beauty of their back should of course choose a model with a back that is open to the waist. Those with thick or very thin sleeves should choose a long or short sleeved wedding dress instead of strapless wedding dresses.

Those who complain about their belly should choose A-shaped wedding dresses. Those with small breasts and flat bellies can choose a straight-cut model. No matter what weight and build a person is, once an experienced modelist is a bridal dress maker, the model will emerge on its own, all you and your companions have to do is add the beading, lace, etc. It is important to use it in which density and where you want it, the rest is up to your bridal dress maker.

Fashion designers are artists; they know that your wedding day is important for you, so they will fulfill everything you want with suitable combinations.

Things to remember:

  1. The wedding dress should be delivered two days before the wedding day, and the first fitting should be done at least two months before.
  2. Before the rehearsal, you must have your wedding dress, underwear, shoes and accessories with you.
  3. Pay attention to your form and try to stay at the same weight for the last 15 days.
  4. If your queue is too long on the wedding night, you will find that the groom-to-be will be drenched in sweat and will not be able to move because he is holding your skirt.
  5. Since your accessories will be combined with the wedding dress, you should choose carefully.
  6. Listen to the advice before choosing the fashion house. You should give points according to the interest and interest shown at the first meeting.
  7. Make sure that the people around you are pleasant people.
  8. Be at peace and comfortable during rehearsals. Determine your stance and position as you are.
  9. Listen to your bridal dresser’s advice. Take a shower every time you go to a rehearsal and try to keep the parts of your body that are prone to sweat clean.
  10. Be the most beautiful bride, where the photos taken in your wedding dress will last a lifetime, they will be the most beautiful accessories in the most beautiful place of your home, and your children will remember you for your beauty.