Tuba Dergisi Subat 2013 Kapak

We were in Tûba Magazine with our designs

Tûba Magazine, which started its publishing life by offering a different alternative to its readers with its full content, included stylish designs signed by Fatma Sevildi on the pages of its February issue.

Şems-i Tûba Magazine is a monthly women’s, men’s, family, life, culture, art, fashion and current affairs magazine that aims to open a new page in the lives of its readers with each issue and enriches the world of its readers with the topics it touches on in every branch, and is a tree of life that energizes life with these features. . It offers its readers every topic from life from A to Z, with its 12 authors packed into 160 pages.

Tûba Magazine featured our evening dress designs on the pages of its 2013 February issue.

Tûba Magazine featured our evening dress designs on the pages of its 2013 February issue.

Şems-i Tuba Magazine completes its mission by inviting its readers to the content of the magazine with its social solidarity projects and periodically organized competitions, and at the same time provides its readers with the opportunity to chat with valuable columnists within the magazine  . Interviews with very special names every month, culture, art and literature content, alternative space suggestions, therapy corner in the kitchen, family communication; It wants to make its readers experience the peace and happiness of renewal every month by covering many other topics such as recipes, men’s fashion, children’s education and health, exercise and clothing choices that add style to their wardrobes.

You can buy the magazine from many places (newsstands) reached by Yay-sat throughout Turkey, including D&R and Remzi Bookstores.

Sections & Authors of the Journal

  • Health | M. İhsan Karaman (Urology Specialist)
  • Psychology | Nedime Koçoğlu (Psychologist)
  • Travel | Nuray Kayacan (Traveler)
  • Kitchen | Nejla Yıldız Uludağ (Blogger)
  • Nutrition | Rabia Şaşmaz (Dietitian)
  • Education | Sait Çamlıca (Author)
  • Law | Selçuk Horal (Lawyer)
  • Fashion | Tarık Süren (Designer)
  • Therapy | Şule Horal (Biokinesis Expert)
  • Personal Development | Tuba Pearls (Life Coach)
  • Let’s Overcome Obstacles | Lokman Ayva (WhiteAy Association)
  • Hobby | Semih Yener (Fine Arts)
  • Life | Şayeste Paylı (Author)
  • Scholar| Beyza Eren (Literature)